Monday, April 4, 2011

From orphan to princess

I am a princess.
The jester of the kingdom used to harass me.   Then, years later, he finally stole me away and took me captive.  He bound me in painful chains in his dark dungeon.

“Why would anyone rescue me?  I was just a lowly servant girl, an orphan sent to the palace to work for the king.”

This was my identity.  This was my reality for many years, so when he came, I was scared.

The son of the king – the prince – came.  He left his luxurious palace to enter the ubiquitous darkness of the jester’s playground!  He fought the jester for me.  And just when I thought all hope was gone, that the prince was defeated, he rose in victory!  And the chains that once held me captive now bound the jester to that darkest of places.

We ride away from that place and he brings me up into the light that brings healing – the light of the kingdom.  He carries me to the king and asks that I would be adopted.  (I can scarcely believe it!)  The king smiles, and welcomes me with a hug.  He calls me “daughter”.  :)

I have a family now, and a home.  I have a new identity.

I once was enslaved to working for the king, but now I have the honor and pleasure of working with the king – my daddy!  Sometimes I get caught up in my old identity and my old way of working – I feel orphaned and that it is my duty to work, especially after everything he has done for me.  I forget that he is my dad and end up trying to pay him back because I just see him as my owner.  But he is patient and faithful to remind me of his love for me, his daughter, and that whether I am working or not he is pleased just to be together.

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