Sunday, January 23, 2011

If I died right now... many people would come to my funeral?  A question, no doubt, many people have wondered sometime in their life, whether out of depression or because they were at a funeral.

Recently, I was at a memorial service and this question began to run through my mind.  The Holy Spirit must have stopped it all of a sudden and made me realize how self-centered the question is.

Shouldn't we rather be wondering, "If I died right now, how many people would I see in heaven, on account of my sharing Jesus with them, being Jesus to them?"  This is a much better question.

How would you answer it?  Don't you desire more, just because Jesus is that awesome and worth knowing?

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Donie Alegre said...


Hi.. Just want to say thank you for your blog and your posts. It's very inspirational specially for me since I'm having a little bit of under the weather situation in my life right now.

Thank you for the massage.

Keep up the work and keep posting. I'll be following you now.

Thanks a lot...