Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I finally got some time to write!

Hello blog readers!  I came home from campus early today so I could catch up my blog.  There is much to say so I won't waste time.

Monday through Friday we go to the university campus to engage students in spiritual discussion, with hopes to share the Gospel.  God is doing amazing things here.  There have been close to two hundred conversations, and about 50% of them we were able to share the Gospel.  Three people have trusted Christ, that we know of, and there are numerous others that desire to trust Christ but were not comfortable praying right there (we have yet to hear from them).  Praise God for our new brother and sisters!  The response here is great; people are very open to hearing what we have to say and often tell us they've never heard that message before.  It is amazing how students can go their whole lives, going to Catholic or Christian schools, and going to church with their parents, and never hear a clear explanation of the Gospel.  They often tell us how good of news it is.  Keep praying for God to open hearts here - it is working!

We have seven days left on campus, which is very sad.  We will be leaving soon, but these students that we've talked to will be staying.  So be in prayer for the students involved in Student Life (the Aussie version of Campus Crusade).  Pray that they may be faithful and effective in follow-up and discipleship of these people to whom we have talked.

Well, I guess that's all I really feel like writing.  If I start adding anymore details, I will go on forever.  Don't forget you can email me and I would be happy to tell you more that way.

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